Black Kitchen Worktop Ideas

Benefits of black kitchen worktops

As practical as they are stylish, there are many reasons to choose black kitchen work surfaces. Here are some of the main benefits.

They’re easy to keep clean

Black is one of the most forgiving colours around and hides dirt and stains far better than white kitchen counters.

You don’t need to worry about any wear and tear over the years, as black worktops don’t show scratches and stains in the same way that lighter counters do. Even heat damage from hot pans can be barely noticeable on a black kitchen worktop.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance choice that will withstand all the rigours of home cooking and a busy family life, black is the choice for you.

Black Kitchen Worktop Ideas Easy To Clean
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They’re hard-wearing

Depending on the material you choose, black kitchen worktops can be extremely tough, lasting for a long time without any damage. Granite is a great choice for a striking black worktop that’s also very durable.

Black Kitchen Worktop Ideas Versatile Stone Worktop
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Matte black kitchen worktop

Matte worktops look chic and stylish in every kitchen. They’re a less common option than glossy worktops, giving your kitchen a unique look. The perfect addition to a modern kitchen, matte worktops are perfect for contemporary living.

The combination of matte and black means that any smudges, stains and fingerprints will be barely visible on the surface. Matte worktops absorb light instead of reflecting it on the surface, meaning that any marks are less noticeable.

If you have high gloss kitchen cabinets, then matte worktops are a great way to bring in additional texture to your space and add some visual interest.

High gloss black kitchen worktops

Gloss black kitchen worktops are also a great choice for your space. The more popular option, gloss worktops reflect light which can help to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter. This makes gloss worktops a good option for smaller spaces.

Although gloss may show fingerprints and smudges more easily than matte worktops, they’re also much easier to clean.

Simply wipe them down and you’re good to go - there’s no need to worry about streaks which is a risk when you’re cleaning a matte worktop. This makes gloss worktops a good choice for busy families - and remember that black hides imperfections anyway!

Black Kitchen Worktop Ideas High Gloss Countertop
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Ideas for kitchens with black worktops

The options are endless when it comes to black worktops. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

White cabinets with black kitchen worktops

Black worktops are the perfect contrast to glossy white cabinets, creating a two-tone monochrome look that’s thoroughly modern.

White cabinets with black kitchen worktops

Black worktops are the perfect contrast to glossy white cabinets, creating a two-tone monochrome look that’s thoroughly modern.

Black Kitchen Worktop Idea White Cabinets
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Venture to the dark side

An all-black kitchen might sound intimidating but it can be seriously stylish, particularly if you have a large kitchen that gets lots of light.

Pair your black kitchen countertops with black cabinets and walls for a sleek, chic look.

Create a bold feature wall

Black looks great with bold colours. Why not create a feature wall in your favourite colour - we love black/red and black/yellow colour combinations for a statement look.

Go for bright cabinets

When you have black countertops, black or white cabinets aren’t your only choices. Why not create a fun, bright look that reflects your personality by choosing colourful cabinets?

Bring a little nature inside with green cabinets, or create a warm feel with red.

You could opt for all your cabinets to be colourful, or create a two-tone effect: top black base cabinets with your black kitchen countertops, with colourful wall cabinets on top.

Black Kitchen Worktop Ideas Green Cabinets
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Invite warmth in with wood

Black pairs perfectly with natural wood tones. Why not match your black countertops to wooden cabinets to add warmth to your space?

Alternatively, the addition of wooden furniture can look lovely when paired with black cabinets and worktops. It’ll open up your space and make it an inviting space in which to spend time.

Black Kitchen Worktop Ideas Wooden Cabinets

Match your countertops to your lighting

Whatever colour you decide to use for your cabinets, a nice way to tie black throughout the space is to match your black worktops to statement black lighting. Pendant lights look great in a kitchen.

Add black fixings

Another way to create a black accent in your kitchen is to match your worktop to your fittings. Black handles and taps are a great way to tie your colour scheme together, and as they look super contemporary, they’re the perfect addition to a modern style kitchen.

Whatever you decide to do, black kitchen worktops are a great choice for every space. Take a look at our paint collection for ideas and inspiration on redesigning your kitchen today.