Country Kitchen Ideas

Classic country kitchen colour schemes

The quintessential country kitchen sticks to neutral colour schemes, with the warmth coming from people sharing the space to cook together and enjoy each other’s company, rather than the colour scheme.

A cream country kitchen is the perfect choice if you really want to channel this look in your home, and it’s great if you have a smaller space to work with as the light yet warm cream will help to open it up and make your kitchen seem bigger than it really is.

Any light neutral colours would work well though. White is another classic choice, whilst light grey offers something slightly different whilst still keeping the overall feel of the room light and airy.

Wood elements are an essential part of any country kitchen decor, whether you choose oak cabinets, a wooden kitchen island, exposed wooden beams, pared-back floorboards - or all of the above. Opting for just a couple of these elements - floorboards and beams in matching wood, for example - will help to tie the overall look together whilst not dominating the space.

Country Kitchen Ideas Neutral Colour Scheme
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Stone accents are less traditional but can help to modernise the classic country farmhouse kitchen. The most obvious place to introduce stone is in the flooring, although exposed brick walls also look lovely, adding a shabby chic edge to a homely space. Stone can make the room feel colder though, so if you want to maintain the cosy vibe, you may choose to enjoy your country kitchen decor in comfy slippers and jumpers to keep you warm.

If you’re looking for a more modern take on a country kitchen, consider dark neutrals and natural shades rather than classic white or cream. A green country kitchen can still be traditional but the brighter shade adds a contemporary twist. You could even opt for pale green in most of the kitchen with a dark or teal feature wall to make it pop.

Soft brights also work well if you’re looking for a more unusual take on the theme. A country yellow kitchen will ensure you feel the sunny vibes whenever you’re in the space, whilst pink or duck egg blue will instil a sense of calm in what can sometimes be the most hectic room of the house.

Country Kitchen Ideas Exposed Brick Wall
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Designing country kitchen units

Kitchen units are one of the most important aspects to get right when it comes to designing your rustic country kitchen. There are a few different options for cabinets, cabinet doors and worktops that you can go for to create that authentic country feel.

Traditional or shaker style cabinets both look great in country kitchens, adding plenty of character to your space.

Wooden cabinets are a must for any country kitchen. Although the wood in your brand new kitchen will look nice and shiny, over time it’ll become more weathered, giving you that perfect worn-in rustic look. Or if you can’t wait that long, opt for a weather-treated wood that will give you the same effect from the get-go.

White, cream or wooden worktops will go beautifully with any colour scheme, and allow you to open up the space with light tones. You can also create a cohesive colour scheme when you keep your worktops neutral, by using the rest of your decor and elements to add a pop of colour.

Open shelves instead of upper cabinets give a nod to classic farmhouse style and are a secret hack if you’re looking for small country kitchen ideas. The open shelves allow you to display your favourite crockery and appliances, whilst opening up the space. Go for vintage decorative pieces for a truly traditional feel, or mix it up with some eye-catching modern designs.

Extra comfort with a farmhouse kitchen island

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger space, then a kitchen island is a great way to make the most of it. An island creates a central hub for friends and family to gather, creating a communal atmosphere that truly puts your kitchen at the heart of your home.

Beyond stylistic and social benefits, an island also adds more counter space to your kitchen - and what’s more, it can multitask as a space for preparing food, eating dinner, or for the kids to do their homework.

Use your island as a design feature by opting for a contrasting feature colour that complements the overall design of your kitchen. Have a classic cream colour scheme? Why not choose a warm mustard shade for your island? Or if you have light grey cabinets, using slate, black and metal in your island creates an industrial look that will contrast perfectly with your neutral kitchen.

Country Kitchen Ideas Island Counter
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Country kitchen flooring ideas

Get picture-perfect flooring by opting for stone, tiles or wood in your country-style kitchen. These flooring options are practical, and choosing neutral tones will add warmth and depth to your space.

Hard-wearing stone like slate is the perfect choice for a high-traffic kitchen, and it just looks better with age, adding to the rustic feel. Limestone, with its natural imperfections, is another lovely choice for a kitchen that oozes charm.

You can add interest to your flooring by adding a rug. Pop one under your dining table for added comfort, and to create a distinct dining zone that’s separate from the rest of the kitchen, if it's open plan. Alternatively, zone your food prep areas with the addition of a wipe-clean rug in an eye-catching pattern.

Task lighting design

You can really get creative with country kitchen lighting, depending on whether you want to go for a traditional look or something a little more modern.

Pendant lighting is eye-catching and can help to make a real feature of your kitchen, particularly if you place them over your kitchen island. Metal pendant lights add an industrial touch to your kitchen which can nicely offset an otherwise quaint room.

Spotlights are also a great way to add a modern touch to a traditional design. They add interesting detail to your space, focusing their beam on a particular area of the room which also makes them perfect for helping you to see what you’re doing when chopping vegetables or rolling pastry.

Light up your space with sconce lighting. Place these high on the wall to make sure they’re not in the way, whilst filling your space with warm light. You could even eliminate some of your wall cupboards and instead, make a feature of the lighting with elegant sconces.

Country Kitchen Ideas Lighting
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Country kitchen accessories

Add the finishing touches to your rustic country kitchen with some beautiful accessories. You can have a lot of fun here by picking out pieces that fit your style and tie your kitchen aesthetic together. Some options to consider include:

  • Vintage-inspired tea, coffee and sugar tins
  • Decorative baskets to display your fruit and vegetables
  • Country-style vases
  • Indoor herb gardens
  • Cute utensil holders

Open shelving is a great way to display your accessories, and you can add to the kitsch country vibe by showing off your favourite serving dishes and other cookware, too. Putting your accessories on display is a great way to save on space as well, if you have a smaller kitchen.


If you want to create a space that’s at the heart of your home, where you’ll love spending time together with friends and family, then a country-style kitchen is the way to go. Whether you go all-out with the rustic country look, or simply nod to the trend with a touch of farmhouse here and there, there’s a way to make this style work for every home.

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