Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Ideas

Create a calming space with duck egg blue kitchen cabinets

Evoking memories of both the sea and the sky, duck egg blue is a calming colour that will make your kitchen a peaceful space to hang out in - no matter how hectic it might be at mealtimes!

Duck egg blue kitchen units will look lovely whether you choose to use the same shade for all of your units, or take a two-tone approach with different colours on the top and bottom units.

This colour looks fantastic paired with white, dove grey and natural wood, so you have a choice of how to approach the mix-and-match look.

Either opt for duck egg blue for the base units and a neutral shade for your upper cabinets, or draw the eye upwards by using blue on top.

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Ideas Cabinets
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Go for duck egg blue kitchen doors

Are your kitchen cabinets already in good condition? Or do you like the idea of contrasting doors and cabinets? Updating your kitchen cabinets with doors in this shade is a great way to introduce duck egg blue to your kitchen.

Replacing the doors on your cabinets is a good way to refresh the entire room without investing in a whole kitchen redesign.

But if you don’t want to replace the doors, another way of achieving a similar effect is to paint your existing doors. You could even go for a mix-and-match approach to your kitchen doors with some blue and some in a contrasting colour.

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Ideas Cabinet Doors
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Consider duck egg blue kitchen walls

Brighten up your space with duck egg blue kitchen walls.

If you’ve gone for cabinets in the same shade, painting the walls to match will create an unbroken line from floor to ceiling that will make your kitchen feel much bigger.

Alternatively, if you’ve opted for cabinets in another colour - cream and grey work particularly well - then duck egg blue kitchen walls will add a splash of colour.

This is a good option if you have an open-plan kitchen and living room, as the two-tone approach allows you to create a cohesive look throughout the entire space. Use each of these colours for kitchen walls, sofa cushions and accessories.

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Ideas Blue Walls
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Focus on the appliances

It’s fun to make your appliances the focal point of your kitchen, rather than opting for standard chrome or white options. Why not choose a bold retro fridge or a beautiful range cooker in duck egg blue to create a vintage feel for your space?

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Ideas Blue Fridge
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Accessorise with duck egg blue

Accessories are a wonderful way to introduce a colour into your kitchen. They allow you to play around with the entire spectrum of shades, from classic duck egg blue to shades with a hint of grey.

Add a duck egg blue toaster and kettle, play around with different textiles in the colour, or add some picture frames to brighten up your wall space.

Go for duck egg blue tiles

Tiles offer a great way to experiment with different colours and patterns in your kitchen.

The backsplash is a popular spot for tiles, or you might want to tile the entire space between your base and wall cabinets rather than painting it.

There are lots of different options when it comes to tiles - you could go for a solid block colour, intersperse duck egg blue tiles between neutral tiles in white, grey or black, or go for patterned tiles that speak to your personality.

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Ideas Blue Tiles
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Consider your furniture

Duck egg blue looks lovely paired with natural wood, so this is a great option for your dining table and chairs.

A big, light wood table will look great teamed with duck egg blue chairs to add a splash of colour - or if you have a breakfast bar, then stools in the same shade will look striking.

Either way, it’ll help to create a focal point for your kitchen, and a wonderful space for your friends and family to catch up over coffee, dinner or a glass of wine.

What about blue countertops?

Whilst wood, white or black might be the traditional choices for kitchen surfaces, duck egg blue is an alternative, eye-catching choice that will get your visitors complimenting your kitchen.

Light blue countertops will instantly brighten up your space, and you’ll be able to quickly see if the work surfaces are dirty, helping you to keep your kitchen clean.

Install a kitchen island

A duck egg blue kitchen island will make a statement, instantly becoming the centre point of your kitchen. As well as looking good, a kitchen island can provide you with extra storage, cooking and dining space, with lots of options for cupboards and shelving.

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Ideas Kitchen Island
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So there you have it: Some duck egg blue kitchen ideas to incorporate into your space. However you decide to use this soft shade in your kitchen, we know it’s going to look fantastic. Start creating the kitchen of your dreams by finding an Omega showroom today.