Grey Kitchen Ideas

What colours go with a grey kitchen?

As a neutral colour, grey can be paired with a wide range of colours. But sometimes too much choice can be its own problem, so here are some handy pointers for choosing a colour that goes with grey!

First, decide if you want a completely neutral palette, or a contrasting colour. Other neutral or pastel tones such as pale pink, white or light blues and greens pair well with grey, and have a calm, soothing effect when used together.

Your other option is to go bolder with a contrasting colour. Bright colours like yellow or coral are energising, while deeper tones like teal or navy blue exude sophistication.

Grey Kitchen Ideas Grey And Pink Cabinets
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What flooring goes with a grey kitchen?

Grey can match many kinds of flooring, and your choice will depend partly on the shade of grey you choose for your kitchen.

Dark grey cabinets can look spectacular when paired with a contrasting colour or texture; consider dark wood flooring, or patterned tiles or vinyl in a striking monochrome.

In a light grey kitchen, dial up the fresh, airy atmosphere with light wood flooring or off-white tiles. This works particularly well in small kitchens, as the light shades will make your kitchen feel more spacious!

Grey on both your cabinets and flooring can work well too - usually best achieved with a differentiating combo of light and dark shades. Light grey can work on both your cabinets and floors, but you should have a bright secondary colour to avoid the room looking dull.

Grey Kitchen Ideas Wood Flooring
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Embrace the industrial

The industrial look is a tried and tested style for grey, but it’s by no means tired! It remains a hugely popular choice for kitchens, with the presence of metal or stainless steel on appliances like fridges, hobs and ovens making it a natural fit.

Start with concrete grey cabinets and a metallic accent - silver will work well for cabinet handles, taps and light fittings. If you’ve got the space, add a small breakfast bar with metal stools.

Industrial grey can sometimes come off as cold or overly-functional, but it doesn’t have to be. Warm up the theme with an exposed brick feature wall or natural wood flooring; the terracotta tones will make your kitchen instantly more welcoming.

Grey Kitchen Ideas Industrial Style
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Colour with cabinets

For a modern two-tone grey kitchen idea, combine grey with a light but bright complementary colour on your cabinets. A cool, calming colour works best when used in large blocks, like blush pink or sky blue.

Mixing and matching cabinets in different colours allows you to create zones in your kitchen. Play with grey on your base cabinets and a light colour on your upper ones, or limit your splash of colour to one wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

For best effect in a two-tone kitchen, keep everything else simple and streamlined. Select handleless cabinets, seamlessly integrated appliances and hidden storage for a modern, minimalist appearance.

Grey Kitchen Ideas Grey And Blue Cabinets
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Add shabby chic charm

For a cosy, shabby chic home, opt for a green-tinted grey kitchen paired with cream and other pastel shades. Swap continuous cabinets for smaller units broken up by appliances and free standing furniture in slightly distressed wood.

Build on the kitschy theme with soft fabrics in floral or gingham patterns for curtains, tablecloths and tea towels. A shabby chic kitchen should look lived in, so don’t be afraid to clutter it up a little with countertop storage, appliances and accessories.

Fifty shades of grey

Ok, maybe not quite fifty, but combining multiple shades of grey creates an effortlessly coordinated look in a modern kitchen.

For a grey gloss kitchen idea, consider charcoal grey gloss cabinets with light grey fitted appliances and worktops and mid grey flooring. The reflective quality of the gloss will nicely counter the darkening effect of the charcoal.

Alternatively, choose matte light grey for your wall cabinets with a feature kitchen island in dark grey. Add a marble effect worktop veined with grey, and bring it all together with a feature wall colour matched to the kitchen island.

Grey Kitchen Ideas Mix Shades
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Make it shaker

Traditional and understated, light grey and shaker are a match made in heaven. Simple bevelled doors add extra interest to your cabinets, and look right at home in a traditional country kitchen with open shelving and a ceramic apron sink.

Want to add a modern twist? Add some copper or rose gold handles to your cabinets, and style with other metallic accessories. The pink/orange tones in the metals will have a warming effect on the grey.

Grey Kitchen Ideas Shaker Style
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Surprise with a splashback

If you’re not sure how to add a colour to your grey kitchen, a splashback is a simple, contained way to create a bold feature colour. A bright shade over your stove like yellow, pink or turquoise adds a gorgeous splash of high gloss colour that you can echo with other small accessories around the kitchen.

For a more dominant colour presence, simply expand your splashback across a whole wall, creating a large block of colour between your upper and lower cabinets.

Grey Kitchen Ideas Colourful Backsplash
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