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White and bright

White doesn’t have to be dull; not only does it lighten and brighten a room, it acts as a flexible base to add pops of secondary colours, varying textures and interesting design features.

White is perfectly suited to a modern minimalist kitchen. With white cabinets, worktops, floors and walls, you can add touches of colour to highlight features. Add black cooker and hob units, introduce metallic tones with a splashback and stylish pendant lights, or bring out the shine of the white even more with subtle under-counter LED lights.

Kitchen Colour Ideas White
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Calm with cream

If pure white is a little too daunting, cream is a softer small kitchen colour idea that offers the same brightening effect without being quite as stark. While white has become a go-to colour for Instagrammers with Scandi-style kitchens, cream is a natural fit for traditional country kitchen designs with Shaker cabinets and wooden worktops.

If you want a natural theme to your kitchen, cream is the perfect shade. Bring the outdoors into your space with roof beams, wood or stone flooring, and green paint tones.

Kitchen Colour Ideas Cream
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Shades of grey

Grey is a clean, timeless colour that can adapt to almost any shade it’s put with. In a traditional or farmhouse-style kitchen it can be paired with natural tones and stone materials for a rustic feel, but can equally suit a modern industrial theme when matched with concrete or stainless steel.

Some of our favourite grey kitchen ideas for a homey feel are to combine with white to soften its brilliance, or with a pale shade of blue, green or pink for a look that’s calming and contemporary. With an understated grey colour scheme you can also explore more bold options for your floor, such as a geometric grey patterned tile.

Kitchen Colour Ideas Grey
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Contrasting colours

If you’re a real colour lover, you could be best suited to a two-tone kitchen with contrasting shades. If you want a really bright colour, white is the safest colour to contrast with; imagine white against pillar box red, sunny yellow or zingy orange. The neutral base helps to offset the impact of the bold colour; plan your units so the colours are broken up around the space.

For a softer contrast, select a feature colour that is slightly darker and therefore more muted. Start with an eye-catching teal, royal blue or plum shade, and consider accessorising with dark wood shelves and flooring, grey worktops, or metallic touches.

Kitchen Colour Ideas Contrasting
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Pretty in pastel

Pastel colours bring a cute, retro look to any kitchen, and are best suited to pretty, feminine decor schemes that offer a feeling of serenity, even in busy kitchens! Pastels are often found in shabby chic kitchens, alongside antique furniture and weathered wood.

Usually, pastel kitchens are paired with white or cream as a convenient base, but for extra kitsch-factor you could introduce a second pastel colour for stylish clashing. To accentuate the shabby chic feel, add extra touches like floral printed fabrics, patterned tea towels, and pretty ornaments like mason jars, vases and polka dot crockery sets.

Of course, choosing pastel colours doesn’t mean you have to go back in time. Pastel colour schemes can be modernised by stripping away the layers of patterned accessories for a more minimal look, and using white or light grey as a supporting colour. Add marble worktops and rose gold cupboard doors to bring in current trends.

Kitchen Colour Ideas Pastel
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Monochrome magic

Black and white is a theme that will never go out of fashion; it’s simple, clean and effortlessly stylish. Not only is it easy to colour coordinate, but you can conveniently create zones or pick out key features in your kitchen simply using the monochrome contrast.

Black base units with a white worktop is a chic place to start. Consider mixing up your finishes here; for example, try smooth matt cabinets with a shiny gloss worktop. Fitting a hob and cooker unit in the contrasting colour can help highlight these areas, or you may introduce some wood to soften the effect.

When brainstorming kitchen wall colour ideas, remember that this will need to contrast against any top cabinets you have installed there. You may opt for white cabinets in a narrow kitchen with black painted walls, or you could opt for black glass-fronted cabinets with a white metro tile on the wall.

Kitchen Colour Ideas Monochrome
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Metallic shine

While not the most common theme for kitchens, metallics have been on trend for the last few years. While their link to industrial trends can give them a reputation for feeling cold, when used well they can have quite the opposite effect. Burnished brass, shining copper and gold finishes can all create a warming effect, while giving your modern kitchen a real edge.

Metallic touches can fit into many different kitchen colour scheme ideas, in small but eye-catching ways. A navy blue kitchen is complemented well by gold pendant lights and cabinet handles, while a kitchen island with a brass base unit will add a real wow factor. Tiles are a great opportunity to add metallic touches too, whether on the floor or on a wall splashback.

Kitchen Colour Ideas Metallic
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