Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

Why should you consider using wallpaper in your kitchen?

If you’re looking to add colour and texture to your kitchen, wallpaper can’t be beaten, and it’s a fantastic way to introduce patterns into your space.

It’s also much easier to replace than tiles or repainting your whole kitchen, so if you like to stay up to date with the latest trends, it’s the perfect choice.

And if you’re concerned about the durability of kitchen wallpaper, there’s no need to worry.

Wallpaper with a vinyl finish is long-lasting, as the vinyl acts as a barrier against moisture. So if it gets splashed with water or that pasta sauce you’re cooking, it won’t ruin the wallpaper.

You could also opt for a washable wallpaper, which makes it easy to clean any stains, keeping the wallpaper looking picture-perfect no matter how messy your kitchen gets.

What colour wallpaper should you go for?

The wallpaper you choose will depend on your kitchen colour scheme.

Whether you want to go for a shade that matches your kitchen cabinets, is in a complementary shade, or you choose bold and bright wallpaper for a modern, clashing look, it’s a great way to bring your own style and tastes into your space.

We’ve got some suggestions of our favourite kitchen wallpaper colours if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration

Green kitchen wallpaper

Green is a great choice whether you have a modern, traditional or shaker style kitchen, as there are so many different shades to choose from.

Light or mint green feel fresh and spring-like, whilst forest green and emerald are deep, rich and luxurious. Deeper greens look great paired with natural wood cabinets, whilst light greens look lovely with warm neutrals like cream.

Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas Green Kitchen Wallpaper
Instagram: @ptitpois.cassis

Lime green kitchen wallpaper

When you think of green kitchens, you might be imagining sage or forest shades. But lime green wallpaper for kitchens adds a splash of colour to any space no matter how big or small your kitchen is, and it works well with a range of different colours.

Bright, fresh and cheerful, keep the energy high in your kitchen by pairing lime green walls with yellow cabinets.

Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas Lime Green Kitchen Wallpaper
Instagram: @colorfulthemess.s

White kitchen wallpaper

For a subtle look, white kitchen wallpaper is a lovely choice that will suit every space, no matter whether you have a modern or traditional kitchen.

With a neutral background like this, you can go wild with colour elsewhere in your space. Or you could introduce pattern and texture into a neutral kitchen with a patterned white wallpaper.

Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas White Kitchen Wallpaper
Instagram: @naturalangleofficial

Black kitchen wallpaper

Just like with white, black works with any colour, so black kitchen wallpaper is a great choice for an atmospheric space.

Black walls look fantastic even in smaller spaces - creating a sleek, striking look that works best in modern kitchens. If you have a small kitchen, though, you may want to go for a patterned wallpaper to break up the black and introduce a little added interest to your space.

Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas Black Kitchen Wallpaper
Instagram: @kimterribergen

Black and white kitchen wallpaper

If you have a monochrome kitchen, black and white wallpaper is the obvious choice.

If you have white kitchen cabinets, you could opt for wallpaper with more black tones to balance it out, whilst black kitchen cabinets can be lightened up with glossy white walls.

Alternatively, black and white wallpaper also looks great when used to tone down a brightly coloured kitchen, such as one with red cabinets.

Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas Black And White Kitchen Wallpaper
Instagram: @overanalyzedthat

Blue kitchen wallpaper

Blue wallpaper looks fantastic as a block colour - whether you go for navy, light blue or something with hints of green - but it also lends itself well to lots of different patterns.

Mediterranean style mosaic patterns look great in blue, bringing a touch of Lisbon to your kitchen.

Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas Blue Kitchen Wallpaper
Instagram: @waterstone_faucets

Red kitchen wallpaper

If you want to make a statement, red kitchen wallpaper is a great choice.

Red works well with a surprising number of different colours so you can use this shade on your walls no matter what colours your kitchen cabinets are.

Red and black is a classic colour combination, and it also works well with white cabinets. For something a little more unusual, you could pair red wallpaper for the kitchen with blue kitchen units, or even yellow.

Teal kitchen wallpaper

Somewhere between green and blue, teal is a wonderful deep colour that’s simultaneously modern and timeless.

Teal goes with a number of different shades, but pairing it with a neutral like white or light grey particularly helps it to pop.

Use teal kitchen wallpaper as a block colour to add a touch of interest to the wall between your base units and wall cupboards, or go for a patterned wallpaper to showcase your sense of style.

Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas Teal Kitchen Wallpaper
Instagram: @katelovejoyinteriors

Silver kitchen wallpaper

Bring a touch of luxury into your kitchen with silver wallpaper.

If you have silver appliances, matching wallpaper will tie your whole space together, but it also goes with almost any colour.

Light silver looks great paired with navy blue cabinets, whilst a darker silver wallpaper will work well with dusky pink.

Whatever colour you decide to go for, remember that kitchen wallpaper is a long-lasting, durable choice for any space, and is a great way to introduce colour, texture and patterns to your kitchen.

And if you’re still planning your next kitchen redesign, check out the rest of our kitchen advice and inspiration for plenty more ideas.