Overtly Olive Kitchen Ideas

Olive and neutrals

The natural, earthy tones in olive means the colour pairs perfectly with neutrals.

Combine olive painted walls with neutral coloured cabinets and worktops to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so make it a cosy and inviting space for friends and family by using warm tones such as off-whites and creams.

This colour scheme is also great for big and small kitchens alike as it will brighten up the space and keep it feeling light and airy (without feeling too clinical!).

Olive Kitchen Ideas Olive And Neutrals
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Olive and grey

Olive green and grey is a timeless colour combination, and one that will make a sophisticated kitchen.

Pair olive walls with various grey tones throughout the room to create depth. Why not try an olive green feature wall, with light grey cabinets and an anthracite island or kitchen table?

Using two different shades of grey will help to break up the different areas of the room and keep the space looking interesting.

Olive Kitchen Ideas Olive Kitchen Island
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Be playful with bright colours

One of the best things about an olive kitchen is that because olive is near-neutral, you have so many colour combinations to choose from!

Try complementary colours like peach or light pinks for a playful look that will brighten up the room.

For a daring look, pair olive green walls with pink kitchen cabinets. Or try pale pink walls with olive units for a more classic look, that’s equally fun.

Or if you like pink and green together, but want to keep a more neutral colour scheme overall, choose blush pink chairs and smaller accents throughout the kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to use clashing colours either! Who said blue and green don’t work together? When done well, muted or even sky blues can look great in an olive kitchen.

Choosing contrasting colours like blue and green is great for defining the space and differentiating cooking from dining areas - for example, use blue on the kitchen island only to separate it from the rest of the room. Tie the two colours together with light greys or whites to keep the whole space feeling cohesive.

Olive Kitchen Ideas Green And Blue Cabinets
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Olive and black

Take the look from light to dark by pairing olive green with black throughout the room.

Light olive kitchen cabinets with black worktops creates a great contrast that gives a sleek, modern feel - especially when paired with black splashbacks and light walls.

Or for a more dramatic effect consider olive green walls with all-black cabinets and accessories.

Olive Kitchen Ideas Black Countertops
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Olive and gold accents

Want to add some glamour to your olive kitchen? Enhance olive green cabinets with gold or brass handles, taps and other accents for a sophisticated and stylish look.

Choose a gold that has green undertones for a not-quite-monochrome colour scheme. Or use yellow gold to really make it pop and add a touch of luxury to your space.

You could also add gold into the space by painting your kitchen walls olive, and pairing your green walls with cream cabinets and gold accents for a more subtle look.

Add in other gold accessories, such as soap dispensers, fruit bowls and utensils to complete the look.

Olive Kitchen Ideas Gold Cabinet Handles
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Bring the outdoors in

Embrace nature by bringing the best of the outdoors into your kitchen - perfect if your kitchen overlooks the garden.

Combine olive walls or cabinets with warm wood finishings - light and medium wood tones keep the space feeling bright, while warm dark toned woods give a cosy, farmhouse feel.

Countertops, shelving, furniture and accessories - whatever you choose, it’s undeniable that wood works wonderfully with olive green.

And bringing in plenty of plants into the space is the key to blurring the lines between outdoor and indoor. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to start an indoor herb garden - ideal for improving your decor and your cooking.

Olive Kitchen Ideas Green Cabinets With Flowers
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Introduce olive with wallpaper

If you like the idea of an olive kitchen, but don’t want to paint the walls in one block colour, try a patterned wallpaper.

Choosing a wallpaper that has a neutral base colour (like white, cream, or even black), and uses olive tones in a pattern is a great way to introduce green into your kitchen.

And if you can find a wall paint that matches the base colour, you can even just use the wallpaper on one feature wall to create a focal point for the room.

A lush leafy pattern is ideal for this (you could even choose a wallpaper with an olive leaf pattern to really stay on theme). And these lush leafy wallpapers fit in wonderfully with whites and natural wood tones to create a relaxing space.

Olive backsplash

Add a pop of colour into an otherwise neutral kitchen with a glossy olive-green backsplash.

This is a good way to introduce olive in a more understated way, while still making an impact. A colourful backsplash can make all the difference in livening up the space and making your decor feel fresh.

Olive kitchen accessories

Once you have your colour scheme decided - it’s time to accessorise. Choosing accessories that complement your colour scheme is a great way to inject your personality into the space and really make it your own.

Olive green coffee machines, stand mixers and other small appliances are perfect for adding the colour in a more subtle way.

While larger appliances - like a green fridge - are ideal for acting as the focal point of the room.

Don’t forget the smaller accessories too! Oven gloves, tea towels, cooking utensils, casserole dishes and mugs are all perfect for continuing the colour scheme and keeping everything cohesive

However you choose to style your olive kitchen, Omega has an endless combination of styles and colours to help you design your perfect space. Find your nearest showroom to get started.