Corner Le Mans
Standard Corner Units

Standard Corner Units

Standard corner units are the most cost effective ways of designing a corner and are available in high line and drawer line options. Available in a number of different widths, with doors ranging from 300mm – 600mm, they are a versatile design solution to suit pretty much every kitchen layout that requires a corner. These units are ideal for storing large items, not used on a daily basis, where access to the rear of the cabinet may be limited.

Standard With Wire

Standard Units with Wirework

A selection of standard corner units are available with clever wirework solutions, designed to make these units more accessible on a daily basis. The ‘magic corner’ version includes wire baskets which make the most of the available space, fully extending to provide easy access. A great idea where space is limited and maximum storage is required.

The second version uses the ‘Le Mans’ system from Kessebohmer. Named ‘Le Mans’ due to its shape resembling that of the famous race track, this ingenious design combines turning and swinging to allow the two independent shelves to glide easily out of the unit and back again. Each shelf can take 20kg of weight, perfect for storing large pans or plenty of dry food.

L Shape Corner

L Shape Corner Units

Designed to make the most of the available space in a corner, an L Shaped unit is available in two widths of 930 x 930, 1030 x 1030 and 1080 x 1080mm. The doors are hinged from the side, allowing full access to the unit, with significant storage space available.

As with a standard corner unit, wirework can be added to make access even easier.

Curved L Shape

Curved L Shape Corner Units

In response to the increasing demand for curves within kitchen design, the L Shape corner unit is available with curved doors, providing a gentle sweep around the corner.

Available in a number of Omega kitchen ranges, this unit makes a statement in any design and works well if you are considering solid surface or granite worktops, which are ideal for creating stunning curved designs. Alternatively, a range of more cost effect curved laminate worktops are available from Omega, designed to work specifically with our range of curved units.

Whichever corner solution suits your kitchen layout the best, remember the importance of starting and fitting your kitchen from the corner.